The Hesch Method Revisited

I had always found the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) to be confusing and frustrating to treat. For a long time I just ignored it because I didn’t want to deal with all the crazy tests and rules. In 2006 this all changed for me.

I was surfing the web looking for the newest techniques and stumbled upon “The Hesch Method”. I was intrigued so I ordered his Advanced Videos (yes, they were on videos). The next day I received a phone call from Jerry Hesch himself, telling me that I could not get the video because I had not taken his basic course. I asked him when the next course was going to take place and he answered by saying “I don’t know, I haven’t felt well enough to teach for the 10 plus years.” We kept talking and by the end of our conversation we decided he would send me his lab manual and we would go over he material via phone. So, for the next few plus years he and I spoke late at night (jerry living in Vegas and me in NY) On most Tuesday and Thursday nights we would discuss his work and I started to appreciate his passion for his method.. Finally 2010 I made the pilgrimage, along with Mike Friar (a talented fellow PT), to Vegas to spend time with a person I had only met via phone. I felt as if I had met the man behind the magic curtain. I was able to talk Jerry out of “retirement” and he taught his first seminar in 10 plus years at my facility, Gold Coast Physical Therapy. He didn’t miss a beat and has been going strong ever since. The rest is history.

My next blog will discuss what made me appreciate the Hesch method and why I continue to embrace it and its inventor.

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