Keep it Simple

The more I mature, in years that is not necessarily in other ways, the more I realize the more simple the better. The best teachers I’ve ever had simplified a subject that seemed complex. I admire that in a teacher and a clinician. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. . I remember having the opportunity to watch one of my mentors treat a patient in the clinic, I was so excited to see all the cool techniques he we was gong to use. To my dismay his treatment was so
simple, but it was so effective at the same time. He didn’t add tons of acrobatic exercises or crazy complicated manipulation techniques, he simply used the right tool for the job nothing more and nothing less. In addition to feeling great, the patient was overjoyed. Thank you Rob Panariello. Lesson learned; simple, direct with the right tool for the job wins every time. Still a work in progress for me, i tend to be an over thinker 🙂